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About Us

About Us

We are obsessed with unlocking growth potential, whether you are an individual or an organization. In short, we challenge, facilitate, and push you to begin your journey to the future, NOW!

Its all about the Power and the Pathway to be productive and competitive in order to get ahead in your own game.

  • We provide you with correct data if you are a company that is seeking for rich information  about a given industry market in any part of Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Americas
  • We facilitate the building of your capacity for growth if you are an individual who wants to commercialize his/her professional expertise as a Consultant.

Making unforgetable connections

We are the agents building the blocks and pillars for the future of what professional services sector would look like, more so, the consulting industry in the emerging and developing markets. We do this, by working with key  entities whose activities have a sway on what that future becomes


We are big in building capacities, unlocking individual and socio-economic growth potential. We are best known as symbiotic relators i.e. every partnership or collaboration we undertake with either an individual or a corporate entity must be mutually beneficial, and that’s critically important and timeless

Our History

The Global Professional Support Forum is the world organization for cross-inter industry collaboration for the common good of all. We engage with both individual professionals, public institutions, for profit and nonprofit agencies. The Forum was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit charity and has since undergone a slight twist and branding by 2019.

What we do and the techniques we adopt are shaped by the synergies and accompanying benefits created through mutually benefiting partnerships, both at individual and institutional level. We believe that harnessed diversity is a rich platform for wealth creation.

We have defined the nature of partnership and collaboration with key stakeholders in the agenda of creating sustainable value in the developing and emerging markets. Feel free to select an area that best aligns with your current and future interests

Are we creating value for everyone? No!

GPS Forum is useful to:

  • Employees who would wish to be self-employed, yet without significant change in size of their income
  • Those who hunger and thirst for a more flexible work-life
  • College students who want to have an advanced start in their career life: there is no time to wait and waste
  • Companies that want rich and reliable data to inform their expansion and foreign investments in emerging and developing markets
  • Organizations and institutions that are looking for experts who offer pro-bono services
  • An entity that is keen on establishing strategic partnerships and linkages in the emerging and developing markets

Upcoming Events

Our activities and functions are based at the Country level, but open for anyone interested across the globe.

GPS Forum, Nairobi Conference 2019

TIME: 08:00 – 04:00 pm

VENUE: Kenyatta University, Thika Road

CITY: Nairobi, Kenya

Consulting Institute: Class 2019

TIME:  09:00 – 12:30 pm

VENUE: Radisson Blu Hotel, Upper Hill

CITY: Nairobi, Kenya

GPS Forum, Kampala Conference 2020

TIME: 08:00 – 4:00 pm

VENUE: Kampala Serena Hotel, Kintu Road

CITY: Kampala, Uganda

GPS Forum, Activation Seminar 2020

TIME: 08:00 – 4:00 pm

VENUE: Radisson Blu & Convention Center Hotel, KG 2 Road

CITY: Kigali, Rwanda

The Governing Board

Vice President

Chair: Leadership & Governance Committee

Vice President

Chair: Internal Affairs Committee

Management Team


Jeremy Twins

Market Systems and Information


Jane Gikonyo

Director of Regulatory Compliance and Government Relations


Dr. George Otieno

Chief Partnerships and Institutional Linkages Officer


Joseph Owino

Chief Representative Officer

Corien Herweijer

Head: Membership Growth and Engagement


Moses Kurgat

Head: Special Interests Groups- Consultants and Higher Learning Institutions


Natasja Ras

Chief Special Focus Officer-Nonprofits Sector and SME Innovation

Catherine Njeri

Budget Controls Officer

Kasper Vroljik

Chief Digital Resources and Applications Officer