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As a Professional, or even an Undergraduate Student, you have this ambition that one day you will step forward and begin providing services as a Consultant. Maybe you are wondering, where to begin, what is required, how do I package and price my services? Most importantly, you are asking yourself, how do I get the first Client and subsequently build a rich portfolio of clientele.

At the GPS Forum Consulting Institute, not only do we answer your questions, but we also facilitate deliberate and elaborate training of professionals considering life-long Career in the Consulting Industry. At the end of your Course, you graduate with a portfolio of at least Three Clients to set you off in your consulting practice.

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Josephat Berkeley

Jane Gikonyo


August, 2019

Discovery Course in Consulting

Eligibility: This course is for Students in 2nd Year of Undergraduate Studies and Fresh Graduates

 Work  Experience:  Any level, but not mandatory

  • Venue: Crown Plaza Hotel, Upper Hill
  • City: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Time: 9-12 noon


August, 2019

Foundational Course in Professional Consulting

Eligibility: This course is for Professionals who are trying to find a footing in the world of work. Must be Undergraduate Degree holders

 Work  Experience:  At least Two(2) years

  • Venue: Pearl of Africa Hotel
  • City: Kampala, Uganda
  • Time: 9-4pm


Dr. Solomon Kinyanjui

Reginah Edmold


Dr. Ruth Kimeu

Wellington Bruce


October, 2019

Professional Consulting Enterprise Course

Eligibility: This course is for employees who are considering leaving employment to set up their own Professionals Services Outfits. Must be Undergraduate Degree holders

 Work  Experience:  At least Four (4) years

  • Venue: Radisson Blu & Convention Center Hotel, KG 2 Road
  • City: Kigali, Rwanda
  • Time: 9-1pm


November, 2019

SME-Business Support Expert Course

This is a Special Course for Individuals who want to provide hands-on support services to SMEs with respect to profitable growth and sustainability

  • Venue: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Meskel Square
  • City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Time: 9-4pm


Joseph Krispert

Prof. Corien Hague

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