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Ernest Uduje

Am a corporate business leader with a wealth of experience in the digital and financial technology space, spanning the entire breath of the African continent. I have been involved with several Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and World Bank projects with state governments in Nigeria. Some key highlights of my experience as a financial technology expert include providing Pan-African acceptance channels for Banks and their Merchants as well as processing transactions from multiple channels. I have managed the largest Merchant POS Terminal estate in Nigeria and acquired web/mobile-based POS transactions across 20 African countries using in-house built technology platforms. In addition, I have successfully deployed payment technology to Banks, Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System Plc/Central Bank for Cashless Project with over 150,000 active merchants. Besides a rich FinTech experience, Ernest is not only skilled at building effective teams, but also ensuring that desired corporate objectives are achieved within acceptable timelines.

I have worked in various mid-level to senior positions at IISYS Group, which include but not limited to Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director, as well as Chief Executive Officer. Ernest is a Computer Science Graduate with a specialization in data processing from the University of Benin. Other trainings include a Certificate in Project Management, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions (CRMA) from Harvard Business School. As a hobby, am a member of the Lagos Yacht Club, enjoy swimming and motorcycling. Ernest has an extensive on-ground experience and extensive relationships across the African Continent.