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GPS Forum is a rich platform for a specific class of people, groups, businesses, and organizations. Feel free to locate the category that aligns with your interests and future aspirations.

Professionals Practicing as Consultants

We are in the business of creating value and unlocking opportunities for potential and practicing consultants

When we have various consulting assignments, we source for the required expertise for each project from the members in this Forum

Feel free to join your distinguished colleagues  of fellow experts:


Firms Providing Consultancy Services

We promote peer partnerships and collaboration between local and foreign consulting firms which are small-medium in size

This is meant to encourage doing projects jointly through mutually-beneficial consortia

Professional Groups, Bodies, Societies, Cooperatives & Associations

We collaborate with professional bodies and groupings in building special and industry-aligned consulting skills for her members. The overarching goal is to develop experts whose professional capacities are responsive to respective local economic context, yet globally competitive

SMES/Business Enterprises

It’s the desire of every SME-business leader to unlock their growth potential

When properly applied, consultancy services has the potential to accelerate SME-business growth

We help SMEs secure relevant Consultancy Services that:

  • Solves a specific business need that seems to be a barrier to their growth
  • Is responsive to their unique business context/environment
  • They can afford relative to the size of their enterprise: you don’t need to break a bank to secure first class professional services

Consumers of Consultancy Services in General

Both for profit and nonprofit organizations need to use consulting services at one point in time.

As a consumer of consulting services, we provide you with the platform to pick on demand, not only the specific expertise you are looking for, but also a feedback mechanism for any successes and dissatisfaction with a service offered by a particular expert.

As a Consumer, we also give you the opportunity to contribute in the kind of capacity building of Consultants through our Consulting Institutes.

Employees and Students Considering Consulting as a Career

Many employees are experts in various fields having gained valuable experience over the years

Many of these employees desire to launch out on their own as Consultants. But majority are wondering how to begin the journey as Consultants i. e what is the path?

We build capacity of employees who want to commercialize their expertise so as to begin the journey of Career Consulting. Specifically, we provide you with the capacity to package and commercialize your current expertise along an industry-specific pathway

We also develop students who would want to be consultants in the near future. At the end of the program, you graduate with a Portfolio of high-value clients to set of you off in the journey of Career Consulting.