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Noaman Yousif

Mr. Noaman Yousif-Sudan

Special Advisor: Micro-lending and Sectoral Investments

Mr. Noaman has a wealth of experience in project development and microfinance services industry. Besides, he has great leadership expertise and insight working as the Vice President and General Manager of the Sudanese Microfinance Institutions and Banks’ Association, and Al-Mithal Company for Microfinance Services respectively.


Noaman has served as the Project Manager at the Graduates Employment Fund-Sudan, as well as Savings and Social Development Bank. As a specialist in Microcredit industry, he has consulted for the Microfinance Unit of the Central Bank; Unicons Consultancy; Pact Consultancy; UNDP; Gezira State Government; Red Sea State Government and Kassala State government. He is also an author of many working papers on Microfinance and SME development. He holds a Higher Diploma in Business Administration from Al Nilain University-Sudan, and Bachelor of Science in Pure Economics from Zagazeeg University Faculty of Commerce in Egypt. He is proficient in both Arabic (mother tongue) and English.